Getting started with pytest framework…

Pytest is a open source framework to perform test automation for python. Most excited part for me to get started with pytest is, its so easy to start with and can be used for all types and levels of software testing. Pytest has bunch of libraries which are just like treats given for us. Some of these treats are like fixtures, parameterization, skipping tests and so on.

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why pytest stands out

Best example I gave to my friends while talking about pytest is, a house with upgraded features, where as unit tests are like old house with outdated features.

This blog is continuation to my pytest beginner guide blog.

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Topics to be covered here are,

  • Grouping Tests
  • Creating pytest.ini file
  • Custom Markers
  • Built-in Markers
  • Why python stands out
  • Parametrizing markers
  • Parallel Testing
  • Stop after ’N’ failures
  • Reporting

Grouping Tests -

In pytest we can group tests using markers on test functions. Here comes the beauty of pytest, we can use inbuilt markers or we can create our own markers if needed. Most widely used markers are parametrize, xfail and skip. Syntax to create a custom marker is,


Here, @ symbol depicts as a decorator and in order to…

Pandas is a python library, which are used for data analysis, manipulation and cleaning.

Series and data frames are the two data structures in pandas.

Series — Series is a one-dimensional array that can store any type of data,

What is a dataframe… ?

Data frames are two-dimensional arrays that are mutable and has heterogeneous tabular data. DataFrame is a structured API, which can represent data in a tabular form(rows and columns), can hold columns of various types which has labelled acces.

As pandas is most popular python library for data analysis, dataframe is its primary data structure.

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Diffrence between…

I always wonder as lists are one of the important data structure of python, as we can perform all the operations with lists and want to know why NumPy arrays are special.

Before moving to differences between them, let’s have a small introduction on both of these.

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Lists : List is a collection of elements, which can be written as a list of comma-separated items between square brackets. An important feature about a list is that the items in a list need not be of the same type , each element of a list is accessed using an index value…

As a newbie to testing , was trying to correlate testing concepts with real world examples.

As a homemaker best example I can correlate is when I bought Instant pot for the first time, was trying to test what works best for PIP type of cooking. Here what I meant for PIP is not standard package manager of python, I meant pot in pot. So I started exploring will all the pots I already had and finally decided what works best.

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In similar way, TDD ( Test Driven Development ) is a software development practice / approach, where we write…

Sometimes a new pair of glasses is needed to spot the problem — Martin Fowler

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Before heading how SDET smells code, let us understand what are the roles and responsibilities of SDET first.

SDET is a person who is involved in every step of the software development process, such as designing, development, and testing.

SDETs should be able to produce high-performance code, setting up a testing framework as well as Test automaton.

So, as a part of the code review process, automatic code review tools/ utilities are used to detect bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells in code.

What is Code…

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As a part of learning, I started coding in python. My kids are just curious about what am I learning and wanted to test my code, so I started with basic calculator.

Core Concepts :

  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Functions

Variables :

Three variables used here are for accepting inputs from the user.

They are, mode_of_operation , first_number and second_number.

mode_of_operation = input("""Enter the Operation you want to perform : "
+ for Addition
- for Subtraction
* for Multiplication
/ for Division
% for Modulo
** for Exponent : """)
first_number = input("Enter first number : ")
second_number = input("Enter second number …

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